About Us

Chinello Haney has taught various meditation, stress reduction and ancient Indian healing techniques for well over twenty-five years.

As an Ayurvedic consultant, holistic health researcher,master meditation teacher, energy healer and coach, Chinello brings a wealth of experience bridging the healing mechanisms of ancient Indian spirituality and energy medicine, with western paradigms of complementary medicine, wellness and holistic health. 

Chinello travels extensively to sacred power spots in India, has instructed hundreds of students around the world and works with divine miracle healing energy, to correct imbalances in the mind, body and soul.

A former director of a Los Angeles based research Center for Natural Medicine, Chinello successfully managed a research program using meditation to reduce hypertension. That study was later published.

In 1997, Chinello met Sri Kaleshwar, a widely respected Saint living in Penukonda,India, who has been reviving ancient healing formulas derived from sacred manuscripts. Since 2000, and under Sri Kaleshwar’s direct guidance, Chinello has spent considerable time with Sri Kaleshwar in India, as one of his senior students and teacher. Sri Kaleshwar took Mahasamadhi on March 15,2012 and transferred miracle blessings to some of his students, including Chinello. 

Chinello is committed to bringing the ancient healings and teachings to those in need and are available for workshops or by private appointment.