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“The Inner Secrecy of the Divine Series”

This series will discuss depth layers of the ancient knowledge and ways to apply it in daily life…..from the ancient teachings of Sri Kaleshwar


Recognizing who you really are!

Satsangs (Spiritual gathering for new and old students)

Satsangs, September, 2020

When: Tuesdays, September 8th & 22nd

Where: ~~~ONLINE ONLY until further notice ~~~

Time: 8:00 -9:30 pm on above Tuesdays 

Consciousness of Abundance Series – Living Your Worth

When: ~~~Postponed until further notice~~~

Where: 3626 Madaca Lane -Tampa, FL33618

Also by Zoom Videoconference

Time: TBA

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Inner Sound Meditation

A powerful ancient technique, to release stress, get inner happiness and a more lasting peace!

When: By appointment only

For more information: Email: innerchi999@gmail.com


Life Coaching

One on one coaching to get you “unstuck” and “on track” to be your personal BEST ~  available by request!

Ask for more information by email  ~ click here

Special Processes for World Peace – Ongoing!

If Interested inquire at: info@thedivinesouls.com

Supporting the Mission

Divine Souls Supporter Program(DSSP)

What: Program to support the continuance of the ancient teachings

For more information: Email: innerchi999@gmail.com

Check back often for updates

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Personal Acceleration Process – Preparing to step into your personal Mastery

From the Ancient teachings of Sri Kaleshwar, A “New Beginnings” process to take your life to the greatest heights and beyond! The Personal Acceleration Process is an amazing shortcut to accelerate and further enhance your life! This is a one on one advanced personal process to rapidly speed your spiritual and material progress.

Some of the many benefits include:

  1. An initial personal assessment of where you are, where you would like to be and the fastest and best way to get there;
  2. One on one consultations to specifically handle whatever is blocking you, spiritually, materially, emotionally, etc., or keeping you stuck;
  3. Recommendations for making breakthroughs to take you to your next level;
  4. Identifying the blocks that have been holding you back and how to eliminate them;
  5. More depth for those who have already participated in this process!

If you have participated in this process in the past we will assess where you are now and discuss ways to accomplish more in the upcoming new year!

Date: Scheduling starts after registration:

Intervals available: -1 year & 6 months time frames available; 

Time: By appointment

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