The JC Retreat Intensive

"Successfully Navigating During Challenging Times"

Retreat Facility in Northern Florida

December 15-18,2023

 “My dear divine souls, Jesus has a strong bond with Penukonda. Jesus meditated all around the Penukonda mountain and became enlightened on this mountain, about a two and a half hour walk from the ashram.
Penukonda, if anyone just hears the name once, they will feel Jesus. Jesus’ name and Penukonda are parallel; that impact will come. Put it this way – strongly, it will happen. Jesus means Penukonda. Penukonda means Jesus. Next, Baba, the big boss. Maybe the third person, I am. I’m happy even if I come after everybody, wonderful. No name, fine.
On top of the Penukonda mountain towards the northeast, there is a small Hanuman temple. In the temple’s mandapa, there is a big rock column; it is almost eighteen feet tall. On the rock, they wrote in Sanskrit about Krishnadevaraya and his previous fathers and their fathers and their fathers. They wrote why Penukonda is so powerful, what type of energy is hidden here. They wrote about what types of souls are on the mountain. They mentioned these things on the rock. You have no idea what the kings, emperors, saints, siddhas, maharshis, yogis, Brahma Consciousness people, avadhuts, aghoras, digambaris and Jains saints did here.
The great saint-king Krishnadevaraya was the richest man in the world during his time. During his reign, he invited thousands of saints to Penukonda from around the globe to perform unbelievable spiritual processes. Then he protected a lot of the knowledge about many different saints, including Jesus. This Penukonda fort is so powerful. The fort is 1500 to 2000 years old. Tenali Ramakrishna took a promise from Mother Divine that She had to stay in this fort for 1000 years. She is keeping Her word.”

Jesus Christ is purely an avadhut, someone who is beyond the five elements. He was the most powerful divine soul on the planet. Who won Mother Divine one hundred percent, that is Jesus Christ. He completely surrendered to the Mother and won all Her divine weapons – the siddhis.

You don’t know how long your physical body will exist on Earth, but your Consciousness will exist eternally. Jesus’ Consciousness, Mother Divine Consciousness, Her presence is forever and ever. Their consciousness is immortal.

We will also identify the divine processes that will best suit you to create and operate from the Consciousness of Jesus Christ and what that means in our daily life. Living from that experience is then realized as the foundation of inner happiness, peace and all there is.

” The trick is when you stop asking”

“These Siddhic powers start from the Nada Bindu.”

“These kinds of miracles come from your soul.”

 The JC Intensive…..

The JC Retreat Intensive is an amazing three day gathering in a remote location designed to greatly accelerate your growth in all areas of life. The purpose of the retreat is to hold up the “mirror” of yourself in such a way as to remove the blocks that have held you back, while at the same time foster accelerated growth!

Inspired by the amazing 90 day JC Intensive held in 2010 in Penukonda, India by the late Saint Sri Kaleshwar this weekend gathering has fostered amazing personal breakthroughs as well as a “quantum leap” of growth.

Acceptance to the retreat is for persons who are really serious for taking the next giant step in their personal power on all levels. You can only come if your heart is open to accelerated growth. If you have never been to this amazing gathering apply early as spaces are limited!

One of many testimonials from the last retreat.…Every retreat I’ve been to has been amazing and they keep getting better. The amount of love and high divine energy is so beautiful. Chinello is the best teacher and the amount of knowledge that flows through him is endless. These retreats have become a necessity to me, because they help me with very aspect of my life. I always leave on a high of divine energy, deeper understanding of myself and complete peace and love. …SK

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 ~ Virtual Retreat- 

The JC Retreat Distance (Virtual) process is for those who wish to participate however can not be in attendance at the retreat. 

Distance participants will receive a special process to do at home as well as participate in the fire pujas by video. Distance participants will also be able to participate in some of the knowledge sessions depending on the Wi-fi stability as the retreat facility is remote.

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