The JC Retreat Intensive

"Developing Divine Protection During the Transition to a
New Age"

August 7-10,2020

The whole Sri Chakra is nothing but Divine Mother’s womb, her creation mechanism. Everything—every angle, all the directions of the universe, comes from and is inside the Sri Chakra. And the nada bindu, is the creation center point where she pulls the energy through.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa always asked the Mother, “Where do you get your energy from? That’s what I want. That’s what I want to know.” The nada bindu center point is where the Mother pulls the energy. She takes the energy from this creation point in nature and implements it. She knows the central balance point. Through that balance point She maintains the up and the down, all the creating and destroying. It’s the life and death point. It’s the point through which our soul comes into our lifetimes. All creation comes from that point and goes back through that point. The Mother sits at that point taking from the formless and putting into form and taking from the form putting it back into the formless. Like that, everything in creation has a center point. It exists in all places at all times.

Sri Chakra is Mahamaya where the illusions are coming from. The Sri Chakra is totally under the huge Mahamaya in the illusion channels. Who understands the Sri Chakra it means it’s a bullet proof that the Mahamaya won’t come on you very badly. Once you understand the Sri Chakra energy, if you understand these mantras’ energy, if you really fix those vibrations in your soul, you’re absolutely having a bulletproof around your soul. That’s the inner mechanism of the Sri Chakra. Even though She’s sitting there, you have to understand Her and once you understand, that’s it, you can walk. In this retreat we will grind the inner mechanisms of the Sri Chakra and how we can understand and integrate these mechanisms into our life and therefore “making our life like a Sri Chakra”!

The JC Intensive…..

The JC Retreat Intensive is an amazing four day gathering in a remote location designed to greatly accelerate your growth in all areas of life. The purpose of the retreat is to hold up the “mirror” of yourself in such a way as to remove the blocks that have held you back, while at the same time foster accelerated growth!

Inspired by the amazing 90 day JC Intensive held in 2010 in Penukonda, India by the late Saint Sri Kaleshwar this weekend gathering has fostered amazing personal breakthroughs as well as a “quantum leap” of growth.

Acceptance to the retreat is for persons who are really serious for taking the next giant step in their personal power on all levels. You can only come if your heart is open to accelerated growth. If you have never been to this amazing gathering apply early as spaces are limited!

One of many testimonials from the last retreat.…Every retreat I’ve been to has been amazing and they keep getting better. The amount of love and high divine energy is so beautiful. Chinello is the best teacher and the amount of knowledge that flows through him is endless. These retreats have become a necessity to me, because they help me with very aspect of my life. I always leave on a high of divine energy, deeper understanding of myself and complete peace and love. …SK

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 ~ Distance Registration closes Thursday, May July 17,2020

The JC Retreat Distance (Virtual) process is for those who wish to participate however can not be in attendance at the retreat. 

Distance participants will receive a special process to do at home as well as participate in the fire pujas by video. Distance participants will also be able to listen in by audio to some of the knowledge sessions. Some video participation in some of the meetings may also be available depending on reception.

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