"Golden Statements"

Golden Statements are drawn from the amazing teachings of Sri Kaleshwar. There were so many “gems” of wisdom, eternal truths, that were given, whenever our beloved Swami spoke. These statements were and are the guiding light for so many of Swami’s students all over the world. 

Studying with a divine Avatar, a realized or enlightened master, was an amazing blessing and a divine “gift”! There really are no words that can truly capture the absolute profundity of this journey. This rare opportunity was not without it’s personal challenges as old patterns of belief were dissolving into new paradigms of divine reality!  

Below are only a sample of the numerous “Golden Statements” uttered by Sri Kaleshwar during his short time on this planet. The  “Golden Statements” below are a some of the one’s that kept me on track no matter what was occuring in my life. More will be added in time, however the one’s shown below, are some of my favorite golden statements! Enjoy and let this wisdom dissolve into the fabric of your soul!                                                                        


Your Life is a Bible

“Try to give every hour, every day, as much as you can. I’m talking pure spirituality. Compared with the millions and millions of souls in God’s creation—the birds, animals, whatever it is—all the souls that have a human body on this planet are really so lucky. Try to make use of it as much as you can. Your life is a big book, a Bible. Your life is a Bible. It’s your soul Bible saying how you really enjoyed the God energy.”

Spirituality Is Not Easy

“Spirituality, it’s not that easy, guys. It’s not at all easy and democratic. At the same time, it’s easy. But it’s a noble job. It grinds you. After that, it’s an unbelievable fragrance. You have no idea.”

Problems are Natural in Life

“Whoever comes in a human body on this planet comes with problems. You cannot see any soul, any person, without problems and without difficulties. Even if he is a king with wealth, wife and children, beautiful people, beautiful soldiers and beautiful slaves, God is giving some difficulty in his mind to think on. No matter whether it’s small or big, it does not matter. I also have difficulties. Even Baba gives difficulties to me. I have difficulties too.”

Faith in Yourself

“There are three ways to create faith in yourself. You have to recognize these deeply in your heart. First, you have to make sure what your life aim is. Second, never ever lose inspiration. Third, your soul has to cry to God for love.”

Don’t Miss the Chance Because of Your Crazy Mind

“If you feel it or not, your journey is running. Do your best. Time is a gold biscuit. It’s a gem. If you miss the moment, the perfect time, that chance, who knows? Fifty percent you can say it’s illusions and fifty percent you can say it’s your own crazy mind’s thoughts and doubts. It really destroys your spirituality. Put it as a golden statement; underline it.”

There’s No Exit Out of Spirituality

“There’s only exit in; there’s no exit out. Once you come with a pure heart, everything will be totally fine. Even if you come with pure heart, some little testing will come around you. It’s fine. It won’t stand. They’re like clouds in front of the sun. It’s not permanent. It’s also a kind of illusion.”

Asking the right question

“The depth only will come through your questions. If you don’t have the right questions, I can’t answer the depth. A question will change the whole globe. That question, how you will bring it? That question needs to be accurate and perfect. I’m a gun. Your question is a bullet. Make sure your bullet is not a dummy bullet. If your bullet is perfect, yes, I will go straight aim in the universe.”

Everything is possible

“Every­thing is pos­si­ble. All of cre­ation is in you. For every problem, a solu­tion. For every dis­ease, a cure. The right knowl­edge is needed, immor­tal knowl­edge as ancient as the stars. The same knowl­edge the great mas­ters knew. When you know this, you know the great­ness that is in you. When you know the great­ness in you, together we will change the world.”

Feeding others

“The bottom line is Anam Parabrahmam. It means, the whole Brahma Consciousness is hidden in the food. Helping, plus all the giving nature is on one side, and feeding others is on the other side. It balances. For example, suppose you’re hungry. If I feed you and you eat until you are full, if I want to give you some more, you say, No thank you, I can’t.
That is the real gift you can give. If I gave a thousand dollars, you’ll ask again for a thousand dollars. No problem, I’m happy to take it. You know what I’m saying?”