Inner Sound Meditation

A simple and peaceful way to relax, refresh and use your creative potential

The Inner Sound meditation process involves learning a very specific meditation technique that is simple, natural and easy to use and can easily be integrated into anyone’s schedule. This specific technique has numerous benefits that have been scientifically validated and found to quickly produce a very deep rest and profound peace in a very short period of time. The deep rest produced by the Inner Sound technique, greatly reduces stress, as well as helps the participant cope with outside stressors.

Anyone can learn to practice the Inner Sound technique and it does not conflict with any religion or philosophical belief.

For maximum benefits, participants are asked to practice the Inner Sound process at least twice per day for 20 minutes each time. Alternatively, one period of thirty minutes daily, is also permissible.  With regular and continued practice of the Inner Sound technique, numerous other short and long term benefits are typically experienced.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduction in stress and improved ability to cope with outside stressors;

  • Increased creativity;

  • Increased mental clarity;

  • Reduced insomnia;

  • Increased peace, inner happiness and experience of well-being;

  • Greater self-confidence;

  • Increased energy and strengthened immune system functioning

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This meditation can be taught in person or virtually