The Ancient Teachings

The Five Elements Process 

The whole creation is made up of the five elements (i.e., earth, fire,water,sky  and air). The five elements are fundamental to all that we do! 

This ancient teaching is fundamental to all other teachings and includes powerful mantra processes to facilitate rapid transformation of the mind, body and soul by attuning you to the five element energies. Our soul becomes magnetic when we are tuned with these energies and thereby makes it easier to attract the higher divine energy such as the angels.                                           

The Inner Elements

This process purifies our body, charges our soul with the Five Elements and opens up a connection to the cosmic energy. You also learn to identify and handle the strong illusion channels around your soul and to wash them out. It is a big chapter on maya, illusion, karma and negativity and how each of these are working on your soul and affecting your life.

The Holy Womb Chakra Process 

The creation chakra and the “Mother of all Chakras“. Karmas get stuck in the womb chakra and thereby “cloud” our ability to clearly create from our infinite potential.

This ancient divine process purifies the womb chakra so that we can quickly recognize our divine potential in all areas of our life. Once the womb chakra gets purified, our ability to shift negativity into positivity becomes natural to do. This in turn “wakes up” the conscious clarity to recognize who we really are, where we came from and why we are really here.   

The whole Creation is there in us. Purifying the womb chakra also means balancing our kama (desire) energy, as well as our relationships. Attracting our real soul mate is certain when the womb chakra is strong.

This ancient science develops the ability to heal any relationship and “wakes up” our full divine potential! Anything is possible once the womb chakra is purified!

Kaleshwara Vaastu

Vaastu brings us in harmony with nature. This ancient science shows us how the five elements energy (i.e., earth, fire, water,sky and air), move through the various directions (i.e., north, south east and west,etc) and ultimately either effects our lives either positively or negatively. 

Through implementing the fundamentals of Vaastu in our homes, we open the flow of the positive energy of the elements, which brings success, prosperity and happiness in our lives. This supports not only our material success but our spiritual success as well. At least fifty percent of what goes on in our life is due to the Vaastu of the house we live in. 

Brahma Consciousness & Yoga Nidra

“Aham Brahmasmi means God is everywhere!”  

This process develops the ability to experience the clarity of the Brahma Consciousness(God consciousness), which only knows the truth.With divine clarity the illusions of Krishna the operator, doesn’t hit us in the same way as before. This is a top process to develop the clarity of knowing who you really are. When the Brahma consciousness is “conscious” we experience the underlying unity of all things in the creation. The Brahma consciousness is how God “sees through us”!

Yoga Nidra means “divine sleep”. Through this process you not only learn how to have very deep sleep, but develop the conscious ability to “witness” sleep as well as as conscious clarity with soul traveling. 

The Sri Chakra

The Sri Chakra is the supernatural energy mechanism of Mother Divine’s creation. It is HER energy structure…Her “Sacred Geometry” including every angle in the creation as it pertains to all things. To understand the energy structure of the divine Mother means to understand Her mechanism….how she creates! 

The Sri Chakra also explains how to create whatever we want from it’s source…the Nada bindu…..the “zero point”. Understanding the nada bindu allows us to experience how to manifest from the “formless silence” to the “form” of creation. 

As this divine mechanism unfolds in our life, everything becomes possible! We literally make the impossible possible!

Power Objects

The topic of Power Objects is the most genius chapter in the world. Reaching higher-level spiritual success is not possible without Power Objects. Something has to be put in the form of an object. In the world, power only works through a Power Object. That.’s mainstatement regarding Power Objects.

Power Objects are one hundred percent necessary and one hundred percent not necessary. Without Power Objects, it might take a lifetime, two, or ten to purify step-by-step.—pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing. With a Power Object that has been blessed by some holy saints, it.’s like a calculator to get the mathematics results!

At the same time, you have to practice. That’s why from the beginning, I never told anyone strongly to focus only on Power Objects. Give two or three years to practice to the real knowledge and information, to practice meditation from 1 to 3 A.M. even if you.’re having a hard time and not sleeping. Sitting and meditating in presence of Baba to purify your soul is the best.

The energy mechanisms of Power Objects

What is the mechanism for how Power Objects work? How does the energy work? How will it implement in the world? It is a kind of mystery, how to use them and how the mechanism works.

1. If you know how to operate a Power Object, you are a spiritual genius. Once you begin operating it, the energy will start to multiply millions of times in you. When it creates millions of times more energy, you have to be ready to take care of that energy, to spread that energy to heal the world.

2. You can connect to Mother Divine through any Power Object. Mother Divine stays in Power Objects.

3. Generally all supernatural Power Objects automatically have siddhi powers. Each Power Object has the siddhis. That’s another big statement. Those siddhis, regardless whether you practice or don’t practice, they will come, they will effect on your soul, then they will implement in the world. You can implement those siddhis in the world.

4. Power Objects generate the background support….one thousand percent. Suppose I am taking a very daring step in my life.–.–I know sometimes I’m breaking some spiritual laws. Absolutely, I’m breaking some spiritual laws but with daring, I’m doing it. A Power Object brings such a daring, such a braveness, such a confidence, such a faith, such an inspiration.—it brings them all.

5. Each Power Object has a PIN code which is necessary to know to implement its energy. When holding some Power Objects in your hands while meditating, the energy will automatically affect you. But when you have the PIN code, it opens up the higher level of the energy. I will teach the PIN codes whenever I feel comfortable. After I see your soul resistance has grown, then I will feel comfortable giving it.

Even for me, in certain Circumstances, there is only one person who can help…..the Big Boss, Baba. He has not been kind yet. He is doing it on purpose because … “Too much kindness brings lots of problems.”……that is his statement. He says that in spirituality, too much kindness brings a lot of nuisance and a lot of problems to you. That’s why during his entire life, he was rough and tough, unkind and smooth.

6. There is an illusion that plays around a Power Object, that it can disappear or you can lose it. If your soul power is not eligible to hold that energy, the Power Object will automatically run away from you. Automatically, it will run away from you. If you lost it . . . For example, when Baba’s brick broke, what happened to him? He took off. I’m so serious! That is very important. It can run away from you.

In the worst case, sometimes if you lose the Power Object, it means you are not eligible for spirituality. Or, maybe you are still eligible, but it’s like you lost some arrows. In ancient times, saints tried to protect their Power Objects by burying them in beautiful places. Then seven or eight years later, it was impossible to find them again. They lost them. They were confused. “Hey, where is my . . .?.”

Many people will lose the Power Objects that I am giving to the world. In the end, everything will come back to me. Especially if they’re misusing them, the Power Objects definitely will come back to me.

7. If you do crazy stuff with a Power Object, it can start to ruin your life. Like if you take a Power Object and think, .‘I am God. I am the supreme man. I am the second Jesus. I am Jesus. I am the avatar..’ There, your disaster is at your backside. It’s your ending. The cobra is ready to bite you any second, any minute. The negativity is waiting for you. Such types of strong egoistic feelings can begin in you if you go directly to Mother Divine.

If you go to a Shiva process, you become like a street beggar, a simple person. Finally you Don’t care if someone wants something. “You want my shirt? Take it. Anything. Anything you want, please take it..” Such lovingness. But you have everything. It will never go away; it will stay. You can stand strongly and create. The difference is you’re not  swimming opposite the river flow. You’re taking a boat going whatever way the river is going.

8. A master fixes a Power Object specifically to your soul through a special process. If a master gives a Power Object, like a lingam or an angel statue thousands of years old, he never just gives it to you like that.—.“Okay, take it..” Before he gives it you, he needs a minimum of a seven-day sattvic period to fix it for your soul. Only then will he give it to you. After that seven-day program, if he gives it to you and your heart is not really open, there’s a chance the illusions can come and it can walk out very freely. Without your notice, it walks out.

9. You can prepare the Power Object to transfer your energy to it.

10. No matter what, do not ever lose or give away your Power Object. Any person in the world, any student in student’s kingdom, if they meditate with something and received a Power Object, they should never, ever lose that object. Even if you feel uncomfortable, or get a little crazy, no matter what you start thinking about it, don’t throw it out or give it to someone. Keep it. Just lock it up or put it away somewhere. That’s my sincere, serious advice to the entire spiritual kingdom. In future, everybody will understand why I am saying this.

11. If you lose what the master gives you, sometime in your life you have to get another from the same master, because he was the one who worked on your soul before giving that object. He didn’t give it as a normal object. He had to prepare it, then give it. If you lost it, you have to get another one from him. If he does not give one to you again, you should understand you are not eligible. That is the secret mechanism of Power Objects.

12. If from the master’s own mouth he says it is a Power Object, it doesn’t matter what, the energy has to flow from him. That is the God judgment. Suppose a master gave you some of his hair, or his shaved beard, or he bought you a Shiva statue and said, .“Keep it. It’s your Power Object..” Then the energy has to flow from him to you through that object.

13. Full moons, new moons, and Fridays are the favorite days to see the energy in a Power Object.

Also, if you put a Jesus picture in your home, during the first month you can see it as a normal picture. By the second month, you can start to see a little difference….his presence is there. After one year, you can see, “Hey, a huge presence is growing inside that picture..” After five years, something changes in that picture. It’s really dazzling.—it comes alive.

These teachings can be taught in person or virtually.

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