Personal Acceleration Process

The Personal Acceleration Process is an amazing shortcut to accelerate and further enhance your life!

This is a one on one advanced personal process to rapidly speed your spiritual and material progress (mind, body and soul) and is individualized at a pace suitable for you.

Whereas the primary focus in 2015 was mostly to digest the divine energy, address and wash blocks, understanding the maya and handling the daily problems, the next phase of the PAP for 2016 and beyond, is to go beyond the washing of blocks, understanding illusions, protection from karma, maya,etc., to really accelerate your progress even more and laying the foundation for connection with angels, divine souls and mother divine.

After that the focus will then more closely focus on what it takes to connect with the Mother,Jesus, Shiva. This latter focus indirectly will be addressed simultaneously, however more of a direct focus will occur as you are ready for more intense processes.

REFUND POLICY: No refunds. Once you begin this process it is assumed you will continue it. There is a lot of work that goes into designing this program and the special benefits of it. In this sense, once the program is started for whatever the time frame, there is no provision for refunds, since benefits originate from the start.

On a case by case basis some credit towards future courses may be given.

Dakshina / Fee: See Payment page

~All personal information is held in strict confidence~

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